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Dry & Cracked Skin Balm 2.5 OZ (71 g)

This balm is great! Evidently it contains no water so it's not at risk of microbial contamination. It also contains no chemicals or fragrances that can degrade over time and the natural ingredients are highly stable, which means that it lasts for years. Definitely recommend.
Amy - 12/16/2017

I love this product! I bought 3 jars for safe keeping.
deborah Kresen - 10/26/2015

Vacation trip to D.C. entailed tons of walking in hot temps. My husbands feet were dry, cracked, and hurting. Purchased this product at Whole Foods and it gave him noticeable relief after just one use over night. We simply love this product.
Shari - 05/27/2015

Love this product!!! It just feels great on my hands......!
Terri S. - 06/13/2014

mary muse - 08/31/2012