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Acne Spot Treatment (10% Sulfur) 0.97 OZ (27 g)

In my 50s, I still have the thrill of occasional acne. This works better than benzoyl peroxide creams. If an outbreak sneaks up on me, this takes care of it within 36 hours and reduces redness. With what I'd tried before, it took at least twice as long before back to normal. If I get it with this quickly enough, it never becomes full acne. It isn't a miracle performer, but it works very well.
Mort - 03/05/2021

This little tube of wonder is fabulous. I've struggled with acne for many, many years and I'm an older person now who still gets blemishes. Dabbing on this treatment works beautifully because I've determined that of all the drying acne products, sulfur is superior. It doesn't bleach my clothing and it works nearly completely overnight. A competitor sells a very similar product with a less potent percentage of sulfur and more than twice the price. The other natural ingredients work terrifically. On a whim, I looked for a sulfur-based acne product while shopping at Whole Foods and found this gem of a product. So understated but so effective. Bravo!
Deborah - 09/05/2014