1% for the planet

Our Environment

At Earth’s Care we believe in nurturing the body…and the planet. In these challenging times for our environment, giving back to the earth has never been more important.

As a company, our commitment begins with membership in 1% for the Planet—an alliance of companies dedicated to supporting environmental causes around the world through philanthropy.  It’s a simple but important pledge to our planet: we must preserve and protect the world around us.

All manufacturing companies utilize packaging materials.  At Earth’s Care, we want to reduce the consumption of natural resources by offering packaging—containers, folding cartons, labels and more—that is 100% recyclable.  We are also proponents of wind energy, and print our boxes using this renewable resource.

Notably, all Earth’s Care folding cartons bear the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) symbol, which certifies that paper materials used are sourced through responsible management of world forests.  These forests are controlled to maintain high conservation values, exclude illegally harvested timber, and protect human rights.

1% For The Planet

As a member company of this renowned organization, Earth’s Care donates 1% of its worldwide revenue to organizations that work to preserve and protect the environment.

Founded in 2002 when a handful of Northern California businesses first signed on to support environmental causes, 1% for the Planet has grown to more than 1400 member companies who are financially committed to creating a healthier planet.

Member companies contribute 1% of their sales directly to any of the hundreds of non-profit environmental organizations certified by 1% for the Planet.  This enables companies to choose those causes they’re most passionate about—from Alaska Conservation to the Zoological Society in London.

Earth’s Care is proud to support the excellent work of this organization, and is pleased to play a role in their global efforts to sustain and protect our natural environment.