Our Environment

At Earth’s Care we believe in nurturing the body…and the planet. In these challenging times for our environment, giving back to the earth has never been more important.
It’s a simple but vital pledge: we must preserve and protect the world around us. Our commitment to this takes many forms.

Donations To Top Organizations

From the beginning we have consistently donated a portion of our worldwide revenues to organizations dedicated to fighting climate change and nurturing our planet.

A globally respected brand that has directed hundreds of millions of dollars and never ending volunteer time to the top environmental & conservation nonprofits around the world. 

One of the world’s most renowned guardians of rain forests with a 30+ year track record of protecting endangered species, conserving critical ecosystems and fighting climate change.  

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Since 1985 committed to safeguarding the wondrous natural land, air & waterways of the Grand Canyon and Colorado Plateau as well as the indigenous peoples who still live there. 

Recyclable Packaging

All manufacturing companies utilize packaging materials.  At Earth’s Care, we want to reduce the consumption of natural resources by offering packaging—containers, folding cartons, labels and more—that is 100% recyclable.

All Earth’s Care folding cartons also bear the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) symbol, which certifies that paper materials used are sourced through responsible management of world forests.  These forests are controlled to maintain high conservation values, exclude illegally harvested timber, and protect human rights.

Sun Power

In 2021 the Earth’s Care manufacturing facility became solar powered with an end-to-end panel system.

Up on the roof: the network of solar panels atop our facility produces enough power in one year to charge about 19 million cellphones.

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